WildLand Art Residency Open House

October 22cd, 1-4pm  (Rescheduled due to Rain)
444 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg (the old Machine shop)
We will be sharing the Film work we created this past August at Wildlands Art Residency in the hills of Dry Creek Valley.
A bit more about Wildlands Art Residency & UPside:
UPside was honored to be chosen as one of the artists during Wildlands Art Residency’s flagship year.  During our time up at the property, we experienced ways of moving
and creating work in the wild nature that was entirely new to us.  We were img_0358
challenged by dancing in hiking boots out ‘in the elements’ sun blazing and bugs buzzing, and deeply inspired by the beautiful and vast environment we were collaborating with. img_1159
What surfaced was a body of work, ‘A Fine Line’.  The pieces explore both internal personal
boundaries and external environmental boundaries.
Our awesome filmmaker collaborators: Nick Ahumada (Daddio), and Albert Casselhoff were present throughout the Wildlandsresidency.  They have each created a film project from their own experiences.  Both these films will be shown at this Open House.
Wildlands has hosted three sessions of artists.  All of these artists, and their work will be presented at this img_1192Open House, Saturday, October 15th.
The Fine Print:  
  • There are no bathroom facilities on site. Please plan ahead for that.
  • NO SMOKING on the premises please.  It’s a fire hazard.
  • Wine will be offered, but no food.  Please plan to eat before or after the Open House.

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