UPside Dance Company is a Contemporary Dance Company in Northern California. The goal of exposing more dance to Sonoma  County has inspired Kate Ahumada and Tanya Tolmasoff to co-found UPside Dance in 2012. Their concept introduces dance to those who are curious in a supportive and adventurous environment, creates more performance opportunities for the developing dancer and fosters collaborations with local designers, artists, and musicians of Northern California and the Bay Area.

UPside has become known for bringing contemporary dance to unconventional spaces and always include an aspect of interactive choreography to their work.  Kate & Tanya feel that this 2013-08-07 15.32.37-1non-traditional performances bring dance to unpredictable and tangible ways of communicating to new audiences.

The co-directors of UPSide Dance Company, Kate and Tanya, have danced internationally in professional performance groups throughout California, Colorado, New York City, London, and St. Petersburg, Russia. Bringing their beaming optimism back to their roots in Sonoma County, the dynamic duo wishes to collaborate and communicate between the local dance hubs to support the dance community, enhance the artistic talent seen in local theaters, share new ideas, connections, and masterclass opportunities.

FAQ: Why is it Called UPside Dance?

1. The UpSide of Life.
2. Looking at things UpSide Down.
3. Embracing a new and fresh perspective.
4. Sonoma County is Up and to the Side of California.
5. Kate and Tanya, after not seeing each other for 10 years, reunited in a yoga class and were literally ‘UPSIDE down’ when they recognized each other. IMG_2065After class Tanya said, “We should start a dance thing” and Kate replied, “ I was about to say the same thing to you!”… You never know what might happen when you’re upside down, but for Kate and Tanya it was UPside Dance Company. Hence the inspiration for the name!

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