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Email the Co-directors Tanya & Kate at

UPside Dance classes: Yoga On Center, 401 Center St. Healdsburg CA 95448

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Location Photos by Di Desmond of San Francisco

Class Photos by Mikala Kennan of Sonoma County

Promo & Poster photos by John Blackwell of Sonom County

Logo by BFDesign- Blair Francey, Canada/UK

4 thoughts on “Contact US

  1. Hi My name is DJ Loisaida and I recently heard you guys are going to do your thing at the Arlene Francis Center for the Arts for 100Thousand Performing Artists for Change event on Saturday the 28th of September. I wanted to take this time to extend a great big thank you for your participation at the same time I would like to ask UpSide Dance to stay for the Carnival Dance At 10:30pm I am also asking the drummers in the event also to hang around for my closing segment My show is very inter active as far as whistles, drums, flutes and dancing is required from the people attending I was also going to see if some of the Hip Hop and Break Dancers could also stick around This would be a great way to end Saturday Nights show. part of what we would like to see for the entire event is cross cultural sharing and fusion. Hopefully people will dig other peoples Art and collaborate in the future to increase the diversity of the Arts in our community at large My contact # is 707-529-0816 and my email is

  2. Hi There,
    We’re having a Zombie event April 26th and 27th. We are looking for Zombies to dance to “Thriller” during our event. Interested? It will be a lot of fun, guaranteed! 707-433-6993 Teri

  3. BRAVO! SIMPLY WUNDERFUL!….creative, inspired, well-crafted, fresh, meaningful, beautifully, professionally performed modern dance. you used the upstairs space at shed SO creatively & fully! your costumes were so fine. i was standing in the back row & had a fabulous view of everything. do keep chrysalis in your permanent repertory…it is that good! thank you for a wunderful afternoon of dance in healdsburg on sunday! so glad you are here! pam wunderlich

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