Vision & History

To Move- Introduce more dance Sonoma CountyUPside Dance Column Duet. 2012 Di Desmond

To Create- Develop new innovative choreographic work inspired by the people of Sonoma County, and create performance opportunities for professional dancers

To Collaborate- Encourage communication and creative projects between artists and the art community of Northern California and the Bay Area.

To UPside ‘We are the best version of ourselves when we dance’ 


UPside Dance is the brain child of Kate Ahumada and Tanya Tolmasoff. Kate and Tanya, reunited after 10 years in a yoga class, were literally ‘UPSIDE’ down when they recognized each other. After class, a revelation occurred. Tanya said, “We should start a dance thing”, Kate replied, “I was about to say the same thing to you!”… You never know what might happen when you’re UPSIDE down, but for Kate and Tanya it is UPSide Dance Company.

IMG_0299Kate and Tanya, two High School friends who left Healdsburg in 2001 to dance professionally in national and international performance groups, returned to their roots in Sonoma County in 2012. The girls discovered a scarcity of contemporary modern dance opportunities offered in the area. A quote, “Create your own Universe”, inspired them to ‘create’ their own dance opportunity. Overnight, UPSide Dance Company took its first step. (Pun intended!) Following their debut performances of their first piece ‘Dias’ in November/December 2012 at Bergamont Alley Costume Ball, UPside Dance received a resonating interest and support from the local community who had been searching for this exact active, creative outlet.

2013-08-07 15.27.29The sunny and dynamic co-directors of UPside Dance Company started teaching new and continuous creative movement and modern dance at Yoga On Center Studio in Healdsburg. They quickly developed a creative following both in and out of dance class.

UPside Dance Company is now 15 full time Professional dancers with 2-4 performances throughout the year and in unexpected performing venues…. You never know what you’re going to get when you enter into an UPside concert!

Chrysalis quintet by Blackwell

Dance is reinvigorated  in Sonoma County, like never before! UPside Dance Company invites you to join them in the joy, physical-social health, and creative artistry of dance.


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