Get Involved

Ways Connect with UPside Dance!

  1.  DANCE-  Observe or Take Class, Audition, Boogie in your room- anyway you can it’s fine by us!!2013-08-07 17.13.02
  2. TALK- Spread the word about UPSide and communicate with us!
  3. CLAP- Whether you are an audience member or volunteer, come support us and bring a friend.
  4. SAVVY-  Kate and Tanya are not tech-savvy and are in need of assistance with  website design, marketing promotion support, Performance lighting/Music tech, and business minds.
  5. COLLABORATE-  UPside is interested in creating new art partnerships: music composition to create choreography, venues to perform, people and art to inspire new work, poetry, musicians, photographers, costume designers, makeup artists, gallery openings, and dance friends across Sonoma County
  6. DONATE- Always thankful for cash donation for rehearsal space, to pay our beautiful dancers, continue working with musician and photographer, and future performance opportunity or venues!


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