UPcoming Performances

Anatomy of Happiness

March 31 & April 1st at 8pm, April 2cd at 2pm & 6pm

6th Street Playhouse, 52 6th St. Santa RosaESY_2515959_508205589

A cheeky, visceral performance traversing what inspires our happiness – from head to toe. A confection of choreography sprinkled with mind-bending presentations from local artists, filmmakers, architects, culinary connoisseurs, and musicians.

Tickets HERE:  http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2904660


UPside Dance Company, in collaboration with local Poets, Singers, Chefs and Scientists will premier “Anatomy of Happiness” March 31st, April 1st & 2nd at 6th St Playhouse in Santa Rosa’s historic railroad district.  

In this colorful ‘Tour de Corpe’, UPside’s charismatic dancers will step into motion, emBODYing the concept of “happiness” with a balanced sprinkling of outstanding local poets, scientists, musicians, culinary connoisseurs, comedians and artists to share their songs, poetry, films, and lessons on levity through the anatomy.

Each piece illuminates a different part of the body and how we use it to express, feel, or hope for “happiness”:  Whether it is laughter through ourESY_2517183_1558445746 THROAT, reaching our HANDS to someone we love, conditioning our BRAIN to think about our lives differently, or even the EYEing of food that makes us happy.  Watch as the abstract emotion of Happiness is transformed into a palpable, enlightening, cutting-edge dance.


How do we truly get to the heart of ‘Happiness’ and ‘Anatomy’ you may ask?  By using our back bone, wish bone, and funny bone…EQUALLY” -K. Vazzoler & T. Tolmasoff, UPside co-directors.

‘Anatomy of Happiness’ continues UPside’s strong emphasis on collaboration with local and international guest artists. Food scientist, Dr. Ali Bouzari author of “Ingredient: Unveiling the Essential untitled-copy-6Elements of Food”, takes the taste buds on a trip through the science of food and happiness.  Studio Artist, Jessica Martin, premiers her short film ‘I Wish I Could Fly’.  Actress Rae Quintana from the Imaginist Theatre Group performs an original heart-full work called ‘Make Room’. Songstress and UPside Dancer, Leilana Peuliu, debuts a soulful song about finding happiness within. Architects Shunya & Keith Anding lead a meditation in creating a happy home. Inspirational Speaker, Xerxes Whitney, blesses our stage with his own colorful and positive outlook on life. Guest
choreographer, Lisa Deyo (Deyo Dances of SLO, Hubbard St. Dance Chicago, Twyla Tharp) shares her award-winning dance piece set to Inga Swearingen’s gorgeous acapella version of ‘Ode to Joy’.untitled-8

Since its inception in 2012, UPside Dance Company, co-directed by Kate Vazzoler and Tanya Tolmasoff, has become known for the interactive element of their work, and for bringing dance to unconventional spaces in Sonoma County. In their original concept of ‘Anatomy of Happiness’, Vazzoler and Tolmasoff continue to turn-up-the-volume with dynamic choreographic pieces: sleepy and aofh-kate-hand-untitled-copy-5Mesmerizing ‘Pelvis’, the interlinking ‘Spine’ piece, UPside’s quirky crowd-favorite, ‘Skin’, and the quartet ‘Heart’ that pulls at all the heart strings. The 6th St. Playhouse Theatre’s seating is arranged to give audience members surprising proximity to dancers as they parade through the aisles.     

Whether you’ve ALWAYS wanted to know how it feels to romp through the MIND, experience a dance set to the musicality of children’s LAUGHTER, how you can feel comfortable in your own SKIN, or how the folds of the frontal lobe inspire choreography. Perhaps you have NO IDEA what that might even look like- Great! ESY_2518553_1255226112Aren’t you curious?  UPside Dance Company’s premier of ‘Anatomy of Happiness’  is a cheeky, knee-slapping, and heartfelt evening of dance…not to be missed!

After this show, you will never see your ANATOMY the same way 

We thank you in advance for supporting the arts and intend to use the funds raised during this campaign to pay for our venue, rehearsal space, craft materials, technical & backstage crew, dancers and future mind bending collaborations.

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5 thoughts on “UPcoming Performances

    • Hi Watta,
      So glad you are coming- so glad to share with you! We are doing tickets at the door- Performance at 4pm but the doors open at 3pm. Only 100 tickets will be sold. $10 tickets- then donations to the dancers are welcome!

      I can put you on our list for VIP, but only can promise 1 ticket. So excited that you will be part of the performance!

      Dance Moves, K & T

      • Yes, please put me on your list. Thank you! I will have a +1 with me and I will hope for the best. 🙂 To ensure we get a seat or spot ?? ;), is it imperative to be there by 3 pm? I’m sooo looking forward to this! 🙂 -w

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